Medical Tests from your Doorsteps

03 Oct 2014

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It is a boon particularly to senior citizens and more particularly to diabetic citizens. No need for them to go to a lab early in the morning with an empty stomach. No need for them to go to the same lab again after two hours. Give a call to Apollo Clinic, T.Nagar and they will do the door step sample collection.

When I called recently, the person on the line asked, ' Can I come at six in the morning sir? I said yes and set the alarm for 5.30 AM only to be ready at six. At the dot the bell rang and within no time the person left with the sample collected.

Again after two and a half hours (Half an hour grace time for me to finish my break fast!) the same person came again to collect samples for Post Prandial. He came back again early next morning and handed over the reports. Because I was not in a hurry the report was not delivered the same evening.

And you know something? Apollo Clinic, T.Nagar gives a 10% discount for senior citizens!